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Acrylic on canvas / 54 x 73 cm


A story of afection of two bodies intertwined as if they are one. At the heart of this artwork lies a captivating juxtaposition ‑ the tranquil setting sun signaling the inevitable arrival of nightfall, while the powerful bond shared between these two individuals exudes an unmistakable positivity. In their embrace, they find solace, strength, and unwavering support.

Their embrace is not one filled with fear or sadness but instead radiates warmth and genuine affection. Their bodies intertwine effortlessly, both offering and receiving comfort in each other's arms. It is as if time stands still for them – a moment frozen in eternity where nothing else matters except their connection.

"In My Arms Tonight" reminds us that even when faced with darkness or uncertainty, love has the power to illuminate our lives. The fading sun represents life's transitions; it serves as a reminder that change is inevitable. Yet within this transition lies an incredible sense of hope – hope for brighter days ahead and for love's enduring presence.

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