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Illustration for the famous project "The Madrileñer"

the madrileñer illustration

The Austrias neighborhood of Madrid is one of the oldest and
emblematic of the city. Their houses full of balconies, their roofs
attic, along with the most beautiful and emblematic places of the city ​​(The Royal Palace, the Plaza Mayor, the Almudena Cathedral, the Plaza de la Villa and even the Vistillas) have always made me dream.

My Mediterranean vision of life was now swept away by these dream streets so Castilian and Madrid since I came to live here more than 10 years ago years. My partner and I used to walk through these streets in the afternoon imagining that we were two princes.

Everything was transformed into perfect moments among the buildings and gardens of the Austrias neighborhood-unforgettable sunsets in the Prince of Anglona park-.


That's why I wanted to express this experience on Valentine's Day.which, like every year, becomes an important day for couples.But I also want to remember that with or without a partner, and on any day of the year, the Austrias neighborhood is a neighborhood to dream and enjoy.

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